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Tommy Fleming has many times been described as the “Voice of Ireland” and is one of Ireland’s top entertainers

Described as a singer whose voice has the remarkable ability of taking you into his world, Tommy is presently working on his newest album which celebrates a staggering 30 years as one of Ireland’s most successful solo artists ever “All These Years” Here is a little taste of what is to come- “Goodbye my old friend” 


How does a solo artist like Tommy Fleming stay in the spotlight all these years – 30 to be precise? 
A combination of hard work, a positive attitude, intuition, great management skills and of course the obvious, a unique voice.Naturally “the Voice” is Tommy’s trump card, one which he was dealt, but knowing how to play his cards has always been key to his success.

It wasn’t always bright lights for the young singing sensation from the remote village of Aclare, Co Sligo. Like many, he trod the path of smoke filled back room gigs, charity appearances, rough and ready festival circuits, enduring hard times and surviving on youth, enthusiasm and very little cash, waiting for that elusive ‘break.’

Resilience is a strong character trait. Tommy Fleming has it in abundance and has drawn on it many times when his career seemed to be slipping from his grasp.
One such example – the aftermath of a horrific car accident where Tommy was forced into the wings having sustained a broken neck. Defying all the odds and focusing on his craft, Tommy emerged from a 10 month hiatus armed with a top selling album “Restless Spirit” as his passport back to the “scene”, a scene he readily embraced with fervour and commitment. Reward came in the shape of sell out shows and new recording opportunities.
From early on Tommy strove to achieve more control over his career. It was obvious he instinctively knew what worked when selecting material and playlists for his many albums and whilst happy to be busy, delighted to have secured a then prestigious recording contract, it became evident that for Tommy to fulfil and realise HIS vision for HIS future, he needed to have more input at ground level.
To help “re focus” he took a break. Typical of Tommy – not just any old break – no 2 weeks in Majorca for the voice of Ireland but his fighting or perhaps restless spirit saw the enthusiastic Tommy take a 6 month break and join GOAL as a field operative in “South Sudan”
A humbling experience and if anything it cemented his affirmations of viewing life from a ‘glass half full’ perspective. On return Tommy hit the Irish and UK scene like a tornado, gathering force as he swept through concert halls, brewing up a storm in the USA, Japan, hitting Australian shores with a strong tailwind and like all good storms he left his mark. Multiplatinum sales – sell out tours – TV appearance -demands for more – his shows now boasting a full band and orchestra having evolved, grown and matured over a few short years.
Opting to be versatile, although may have been considered a gamble, was a master stroke. By now – enjoying full artistic licence via the channels of his own production company TF PRODUCTIONS – the slight detour off the familiar track resulted in the outstanding success of a project with RTE and the RTE orchestra and “Going Back” released in 2010 proved to be the ultimate ‘royal flush’



“I think Tommy is the most exciting voice in the area of folk music that I have heard since Luke Kelly, he has got such a big voice, he’s got that great honesty and integrity in his voice.”

Never ever losing sight of his traditional roots and his renowned ability to breathe new life into old airs Tommy gently eased new genre’s into his repertoire and introduced his captive audience to many of his personal favourites. This was likely the start of Tommy revealing more of’ himself’ to his fans. Their applause denoting their acceptance of change encouraged him to include his great love of musical theatre in his shows.
Tommy it seemed was unstoppable – could do no wrong – the international stage now his oyster – but rarely – is real life like a Disney movie.
His UK Tour came to an abrupt halt due to the rapid decline in health of both his parents. Nothing – absolutely nothing prepared Tommy, for the death of a parent but for Tommy to endure the devastating death of both parents – on the same day –was akin to being hit from behind by a runaway train. How? Does one recover from such a life altering situation?
Reflection! That is how and much like a wounded animal, Tommy retreats to his sanctuary, surrounds himself with familiar home comforts and precious memories. Although ‘off the road’ and in a strange place emotionally, he found it impossible to be idle. Call it therapy – call it grief – call it intuition – returning to his tour schedule was not the right thing for him to do –so he redirected his focus by capturing those heightened emotions and published a photographic biography and an album, dedicated to his parents, aptly titled “Begin”
A ‘different’ Tommy rises from the ashes – even ‘the voice’ has changed. If you think it impossible to improve perfect – Tommy has proved otherwise. How? A sheer raw emotion added an extra edge to an already flawless voice. Songs although always preformed with feeling were now more poignant. More of ‘the real Tommy’ opened up as he took his pain right bang slap into the spotlight with him and broke through new horizons by doing so. Call it ‘honesty’
By now everyone wanted a piece of Tommy – TV and radio presenters anxious to get the breaking news on ‘what was coming next’ Having carved a reputation for his diversity within the business he was now focused on another detour. This time into the world of musical theatre-co-writing the music and starring in the lead role of an Irish stage drama/musical PADDY. The show enjoyed a successful 2 year run in Ireland and the UK.
Always looking ahead – TF PRODUCTIONS had already secured their plans for ‘Voice of Hope 2’ long before the critics were left spellbound by Tommy’s performance in PADDY.
It’s no secret that when TF Productions produced ‘Voice of Hope 1’ their first ever ‘live recording and filming’– Everything – absolutely everything was invested in its success. Tommy could have lost everything had that venture failed. The power failed that day- the entire village of Knock was wiped out with a sever power cut – you seriously could not have foreseen that. The show DID go on and armed with that experience, appreciating opportunities where he guested with huge names such as Elaine Page in Australia, toured with Kenny Rogers, recorded with the renowned Vince Gill, released high quality albums in the London studios of the maestro Mike Moran, Tommy was poised to celebrate the Ultimate ’30 years as a successful Irish solo artist – the only Irish artist to return annually to the highly acclaimed ‘Bord Gais’ for 11 consecutive years.
In each decade – Tommy was dealt a blow! How do you top a broken neck? How do you top burying both your parents on the same day? Well, up pops ‘a Pandemic’ to challenge this resilient super star.
So – in true spirit – The ‘show must go on’ and it did. Quite simply, Tommy Fleming NEVER gives up.
It took a mere 8 days for Tommy to hit the deck running. There was no ‘poor me’ saga – as always Tommy took control and got back into gear – his own way. Replacing the stylish stage suits for his ‘civvies’ Tommy took to the local by-ways and launched ‘Jeep tunes’ using Social Media as his stage. This venture ran for just over 100 days. Forward thinking– Tommy then launched ‘Garage tunes’ and subsequently introduced the very popular ‘Tavern Tunes’ which ran for 17 weeks and saw him celebrate his 50th birthday amongst his fans and then – close the Tavern door.
Has he ‘given up?’ – never! Tommy is presently working on the release of a brand new album and ‘best of’ box set titled “All these years” celebrating 30 years of song.

Tommy Fleming’s natural singing ability was evident from an early age.
Born in 1971 – the youngest of 6, his participation in school concerts and talent competitions in his native County Sligo set the initial “stage” for his endearing performances which always delivered something quite special. With an appeal that resonates with a variety of musical tastes, cultures and age brackets, it was no surprise that Tommy’s truly unique talent would soar far beyond the rural townlands of Aclare and gain both national and worldwide recognition as one of the finest singers of his generation.
Often compared to the highly acclaimed Irish tenor John M Cormick – Tommy Fleming, known as “The Voice of Ireland” delivers tradition Irish airs and original material in his own gifted unique style, an element which undoubtedly has attributed to a successful “30 years” in the music industry.
Tommy’s earlier years were absorbed with performing, starting with a Rock Band “The face of February.” This ‘schoolboy’ introduction to the local gigging scene progressed to “Jarog” a quartet with a strong and loyal fan base proving popular with both the pub scene and at music festivals across Ireland. A chance encounter with a renowned producer and composer in 1993 saw Tommy practically overnight, leap from west of Ireland charity events to ‘guesting’ with the infamous “Phil Coulter” and his orchestra not only appearing to bigger audiences on the national stage in landmark venues in Cork, Limerick and Dublin but also saw a young Tommy touring USA and Canada, culminating in the ultimate appearances in the Boston Symphony Hall and the legendary Carnegie Hall, New York. Phil himself stating “I think Tommy is the most exciting voice in the area of folk music that I have heard since Luke Kelly, he has got such a big voice, he’s got that great honesty and integrity in his voice.”
Barely back on Irish soil but certainly in the ‘spotlight’ Tommy was invited to tour with DeDannan, a Galway based traditional Irish group as lead vocalist. Claimed by Frankie Gavin – co founder of De Dannan to be “A Combination of Luke Kelly & John McCormick,” This would see Tommy follow the footsteps of living legends such as Mary Black, Maura O’ Connell, Dolores Keane and Paul Brady and once more the wonder of his velvet toned voice drifted farther afield to Australia, Hong Kong, China, returning once again to America.
Tommy – always very much his ‘own man’ kept his eye on his ultimate goal – a Solo Career. Following the launch in 1996 of his first solo album “Restless Spirit” he secured a solo recording deal with a well-known Irish independent label.
Reaction to the album was truly phenomenal –as quoted in the RTE GUIDE in October 1998 –
“The Album (Restless Spirit) is a mix of traditional, contemporary power ballads, the brooding title track wouldn’t go amiss on a foreigner album – plus the cover of Clifford T Ward’s The Best is Yet to Come – the formula has proved an eminently successful one for young Fleming.”
Buoyed up by that positivity Tommy embarked on the much anticipated journey of his solo career.
Then – things changed quite dramatically!
During a promotional tour of the album, Tommy whilst travelling home, late one night to his native Sligo, opted to take a short cut – a decision that resulted in a life changing major car accident. Veering off the road, he collided with a tree and lost consciousness for some time. Although in severe pain having sustained serious injuries Tommy’s survival instincts kicked in and he hauled his bruised and battered body through a window literally at the very second the vehicle burst into flames. It was late, dark, cold and very much off the beaten track but Tommy didn’t give up. Unaware of the extent of his injuries he somehow walked a distance of 2 miles, eventually being picked up by a local couple and taken to the family home in Aclare. A swift transfer to Castlebar General Hospital confirmed the worst. Tommy Fleming had sustained a broken neck and with no delay he was admitted to the Mater Hospital in Dublin and fitted with a ‘Jerome Halo’
Concert dates were swiftly cancelled. Dark days spent in hospital begged so many questions – mainly, pondered Tommy “would I be paralysed?” Could this be the end of my career? What next? At that point the future looked bleak for Ireland’s popular songster.
Mustering up that true ‘Fleming spirit,’ Tommy fought against the odds, insisted on an early hospital release and recovered to good health in the comforting surrounds of ‘home.’ Described honestly by Tommy as “extremely scary,” “the worst time of my life,” this dark period did pass and a stronger Tommy re-emerged, his voice fuller, more emotional and haunting than ever.
“Restless Spirit” reached double platinum success during his recovery and remarkably one year later a focused and determined Tommy Fleming returned to his tour schedule.
Working through the summer of 1999 his next studio album “The Contender” saw Tommy returning to his traditional roots, featuring all Irish song writers such as Jimmy Mc Carthy, Christy Hennessy, Micky O’ Connell & John Hurley- writer of the title track of “Restless Spirit”. Confident with his selection, Tommy claimed that “When a good song is well sang, it would stand the test of time” and on that very note, he breathed new life into old classics such as Danny Boy, Hard Times and Black is the Colour. By now it was clear that Tommy Fleming was very well tuned in to his ever building international fan base but more importantly to his own instincts and strengths when compiling album material so it was no surprise that “The Contender” achieved multi-platinum sales during 2000/2001 paving the way to much sought after “sell out” shows in Ireland, Europe, USA and a debut tour of Japan. A nomination for “Best Irish Male Vocalist” in the National Meteor Music Awards 2000 confirmed Tommy’s incredible popularity and prompted diversification and the broadening of his already well laden repertoire to include Tom Waits, Dan Fogelberg, Jimmy Webb, John Hurley, Callum Mc Caul and Paul Brady on his next album “Sand and Water,” of which the title track by Beth Neilsen Chapman remains a personal favourite of Tommy’s to this day.
Now, It’s not unusual for singers to “take a break” following months of touring and recording. However a 6 month stint in the Sudan, Africa with the charity agency GOAL certainly was ‘different.’
Both gruelling and humbling, Tommy’s experience as a field operative in a poverty stricken environment proved invaluable, adapting his mind-set to one of complete positivity and a new found appreciation of what previously may have been taken for granted. Mind you, he admits – he can still be a bit of a pain in the ass to work with- sometimes but overall feels the cogs of his outlook were re-set directly as a result of his time spent in the Sudan. Invigorated by his experience, one which he would converse at length with little encouragement, Tommy returned to the day job and following the release of his previously recorded album “Sand and Water” embarked on a ‘fully sold out’ tour of Ireland and Holland.
This tour provided the valuable groundwork for Tommy’s next album “The Collection” – a double CD release celebrating 10 successful years as a solo artist. With yet another Multi-platinum selling album in his ‘collection’ Tommy maintained his well- earned status as one of the most popular Irish singers at the turn of the millennium, a trend that continued yet diversified, seeing Tommy’s next album recorded “live” at St Patricks Cathedral, Dublin. Sought after for Radio interviews and TV appearances Tommy was prompted to aim even higher. His vision was clearly focused on a ‘one of a kind’ concert at none other than the magnificent ‘Knock Basilica’ Co. Mayo .
Yes, Knock Basilica had welcomed Pope John Paul 11, Mother Theresa and many thousands of pilgrims over the decades – but a live recorded concert! Could it work? Tommy and his trusted team at TF Productions, now holding full artistic licence believed it could and with the blessing of Monsignor Joseph Quinn, following months of careful planning and a personal major financial investment, Tommy launched the phenomenal live show “Voice of Hope” on Dec 12th 2004.
Although anticipation had reached fever pitch on that bitterly cold Sunday evening, with ticket holders arriving early and queuing in extreme weather conditions, a much more chilling situation unfolded as a power cut, shortly before the doors were due to open posed a major problem. Unaware of the turmoil that faced the production team, Tommy warmed up his voice in his hotel room. Nothing short of a miracle would sort this.
TF Productions and the crew worked under severe pressure and left no stone unturned in finding an alternative power source because quite simply, apart from 3000 fans already on site, Tommy Fleming had invested everything in this project. Faced with potential financial ruin and having decided to go ahead with the live recording – depending solely on generators – safety checks were carried out diligently to the required standards in the knowledge that high quality was simply paramount to the overall success and subsequent DVD release. The tension levels were extremely high, Tommy had finally been made aware of the situation, the doors were opened, disgruntled and cold, the audience took their seats, crew members held their breath, silent prayers were offered, those who had assisted with the emergency supply of equipment stayed on in solidarity, everyone anxious to see this show right through to the finale. You could literally hear a pin drop in the vast, yet full Basilica as Tommy made his way to the stage.
Opening with the popular classic “From a Distance” if ever Tommy needed God to be watching, it was now .However within mere minutes, the audience were enraptured as he hit every note to perfection and sang from his soul. The magical combination of a carefully chosen set list, assisted admirably by a full band, orchestra and choir and a selection of Special Guests soon wove it’s warmth throughout the entire venue. Tommy rose above the strife and engaged immediately with his audience as his well- chosen air’s unfurled their meaning, their spirit, their honesty and above all, their comfort.

Proving yet another successful “1st” for Tommy, selling 3 million copies worldwide the DVD and CD when released secured top ranking in the charts, remaining there for months. “Voice of Hope” was also broadcast on RTE, TG4, TV3, Virgin Media and on PBS stations in the USA and Australia. Platinum CD sales prompted a huge demand for the ‘The Voice of Ireland’ and once again Tommy was awarded ‘Best Irish Male Singer 2005 / Irish Music Magazine and nominated for ‘Best Irish Male’ in the Ireland Meteor Music Awards 2006.
As quoted by HOTPRESS “Tommy Fleming is one of the few Irish singers who is capable of delivering songs with a lightness of touch while still imbuing them with conviction and drama. Whereas other singers of his genre can’t resist over-emoting at every opportunity, Fleming does the reverse.”


His career going from strength to strength, no doubt enriched following the outstanding success of “The voice of Hope” live recording, Tommy’s concerts, by now a perfect blend of song and story with a dash of natural wit, an injection of quick fire humour and off-the-cuff ad-libs delighted the spellbound audience who were complimentary of the overall complete package of a “live” performance, the big stage, precision lighting, the full band of 6-10 exceptionally talented musicians, a string section, a powerful sound system not to mention one of the most unique voices ever to emerge in Ireland, never ever failing to impress, gaining recognition as one of the worlds’ finest singers of his generation.
Maturing well as an artist, further progress would see Tommy realise an 18 year dream as he signed a “5 album” deal with Universal Music – the ultimate testament of his achievements and notoriety in the national and International music industry.
“A Life like Mine” was the first studio album over which Tommy had full artistic control. Flying totally solo, with no agent or management he soon became absorbed in the project. Featuring many Irish writers, it was a perfect blend of contemporary gems and folk classics. Released in 2006 “A Life like Mine” became one of Tommy Flemings biggest selling albums. A very proud moment in his career- its success afforded him the utter satisfaction of having orchestrated its entirety as his own boss. This did not go un-noticed by www.rambles.net “Tommy Fleming is an artist who seems to have the uncanny knack of picking just the right songs to strike a chord in his listeners. His albums combine the new works of various writers with better-known tracks with the latter getting a slightly new arrangement.”

His appetite for diversity now well whetted, he followed in 2007 with another “Live” recorded “sell out concert” – this time in the INEC, Killarney, Co Kerry. Accompanied by a 23 piece orchestra, his full band and a choir – “A Journey Home’ was born. It was subsequently released as a double CD & DVD and again, aired on PBS TV across the USA & Australia and on Irish Stations.
No surprise, that “Universal” selected Tommy to represent Ireland for their IRB Rugby World Cup Anthem “World in Union” – a project that afforded him to work with luminaries such as Andreas Bocelli, Russel Watson, Catherine Jenkins, Leslie Garret, Bryn Terfnell, Hayley Westener and Dave Kiri Tal Kanawa.

UK audiences during his first “Solo” Tour in 2007 were enraptured by his stage shows and this prompted the release of “A Life Like Mine” throughout Great Britain later in the year and catching the attention of Liam Neeson who commented “I hope Tommy doesn’t take up acting,” and the great Alex Fegurson stating “If Tommy could play football like he sings, I would sign him.”
2008 saw “The Voice of Ireland” return to the USA where he’d previously guested with Phil Coulter and DeDannan, as an accomplished “Solo” artist. The Boston Globe reviewed that “The dynamic voice of Tommy Fleming soared on every song.” with Eric Clapton admitting “His version of Danny Boy is the best I have ever heard bar none.”
Global recognition presented Tommy with an Australian record deal with “OVATION” and also an opportunity to tour “Down Under” sharing his powerful yet gentle engaging voice with a new fan base. On a later stint in Australia Tommy guested with Elaine Paige.

“The Best is yet to Come” / 2009 celebrated 15 years as a solo performer. The album included some of Tommy’s best recordings from that duration along with previously unreleased tracks and never before featured “duets.” The fluid balance on all of Tommy’s albums confirmed that by striving to “Be his own man” he had ultimately risen to and surpassed his own challenge to remain true to his roots.

His next recording saw him stay close to home. “Song for a Winters Night” realised yet another dream project for Tommy. Recorded “live” in the atmospheric intimate setting of Belleek Castle, Ballina, Ireland – Tommy shared his favourite Christmas and seasonal selection with an invited audience of family and friends.
Tommy’s ability to attain the perfect mix and blend of album material was more than evident on the CD/DVD combination which showcased his truly magnificent voice, it’s strength, it’s calm and it’s power in carefully selected tracks such as ‘O Holy Night’ ‘Christmas 1915’ and ‘Song for a Winters Night’ written by Gordon Lightfoot. Following its release Tommy Fleming re-visited the Basilica at Knock, in the west of Ireland – yet another ‘sell out’ show and cast his charm instantly over the 5000 strong audience.

2010 marked a significant change of direction as Tommy collaborated with RTE Commercial Enterprises on his next album titled “Going Back.” Working with the RTE and Irish Concert Orchestra’s on timeless classics such as ‘The Boxer’ by Simon & Garfunkel, ‘My Life’ by Shirley Bassey, ‘Softly as I leave you’ by Matt Munroe and the infamous ‘Blood Brothers’ musical number ‘Tell me it’s not true,’ Tommy made them his own.
Compiling an album so very different to all his previous releases may have seemed risky but once again Tommy got it “just right” and was duly rewarded in early 2011 on stage in the National Concert Hall – a mere 3 months after its release, when presented with a Platinum Disc by Peter Kenny of Indi Entertainment & Sinead O Connor / RTE Merchandising & Licencing Manager – The Sunday Business post describing him as one of the quiet success stories of recent times – “quietly huge.”
Tommy reflects that 2010 was ‘A wonderful year’ content in the knowledge that his loyal and growing fan base, embraced his work, accepted his wander down a different route and he was delighted to sell out 2 Irish tours during 2011 and 2012.
The “Platinum Collection” – a 3 CD compilation marked 20 years in the music industry. Produced solely by TF Productions, this was seen as THE ‘essential’ buy for fans. It includes Irish, Contemporary and Duet collections, the latter featuring the fine blended tones of “Christy Hennessy,” “Cara Dillon,” “Lucy Silvas,” “Guido’s Orchestra,” “John Hurley,” “Orla Fallon,” to name but a few.

Tommy Fleming it seemed was ‘unstoppable.’ His tenacious ‘never give up’ nature equalled his majestic euphonic voice which together created a phenomenally successful 20 year career, the pulse of which Tommy and by then his wife “Tina” managed expertly. They worked together tirelessly promoting “The voice of Ireland” to a national and global audience.

However, nothing prepared Tommy for the loss of both parents on 30th March 2012.
Flying back and forth from the UK, mid tour following that dreaded news that no performer on tour wants to hear – his mother suffering a stroke, further devastation followed as his father was also admitted to hospital. With both parents critically ill, Tommy was torn between fulfilling concert dates and being with his parents. TF Productions made the incredibly hard decision to cancel the remainder of the tour. Loyal band and crew members put Tommy and his wife Tina on a flight home within hours of what was the final curtain call of that particular UK tour.
Describing it as “The emotionally toughest year” for himself and his family-their dear mother passed away early on the morning of March 30th. They shared the distress of having to break the news to their father.
Assured he was resting comfortably they left the hospital to accompany their mother on her journey home and make funeral arrangements. Once again later that evening the family were thrown into complete turmoil as their father too, passed away. Shell-shocked the Fleming family lost the two most precious people in their lives on the same day – their lives now changed forever.
It was inevitable that Tommy took a long career break, during which time he evaluated his own life, his music, and his future. Finding great solace in reflection, Tommy used this time to write – and published a photographic autobiography entitled “Let me Begin”- a true and realistic insight to the ‘person’ behind that incredible voice. Born of sheer emotion, Tommy also worked on a 15 track album. Dedicated to his parents “Begin” – described by Tommy as his most ‘cathartic work’ ever it was inspired by their influences throughout his career.
The selection for the album allowed him journey through the helplessness of his changing world and ‘Begin’ again. The album also resonated with many, easing their own heartache encouraged by Tommy’s inspirational and emotive voice and collection of ‘airs’
The publication of his book “Let me Begin” prompted “Behind the Voice” – a documentary chronicling his life from early childhood onto the big stage. Interviews with people who were hugely influential on that journey, people rarely seen in the spotlight such as his wife Tina Mitchell-Fleming, his sister Cathy and the renowned Phil Coulter who initially recognised Tommy’s potential all suggest that the ‘Person behind the voice’ – is still the same!
An invitation to tour with Kenny Rogers saw Tommy return to what he loves best and following his own ‘Solo’ UK tour later in 2013 he stopped off in London where he met with Mike Moran – a highly applauded producer. Together they discussed and planned what was to be Tommy’s next album – “The West’s Awake” Mike Moran (former music producer/songwriter with Queen) welcomed working with a singer who he recognised had “A voice that makes you smile and weep at the same time – a pleasure to work with.”
Ultimately – one of Tommy Fleming’s finest pieces of recording, featuring incredible vocals not to forget – 25 years of invaluable touring experience and Mike Moran’s magnificent mixing and production abilities – “The West’s Awake”- a 14 track album gained instant recognition and was amongst the best-selling Irish releases in 2014.
It continues to maintain its much warranted acclaim. Working together with Mike, who contributed to albums of other best- selling artists such as ‘Freddie Mercury’ ‘Queen’ and ‘Annie Lennox’ was further affirmation of just how well Tommy Fleming knew his craft, selecting tracks and song styles that first propelled him to the forefront of Irish music. To quote ‘Oliver Sweeney’ of ‘Hotpress’ “In the hands of Tommy Fleming- old songs are reborn.”

The Electric opening track “John O Dreams” – the title track “The Wests Awake” together with gems like “Remember Me” by Phil Coulter-“Angel” by Christy Hennessy and the very special “Shine on Me” co-written by Tommy himself, Linda Burrage and Mike Moran all contribute to an album that is expertly comprised, showcasing Tommy’s incredible range which is raised to sublime heights by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and some of London’s finest session musicians under Mike Moran’s articulate direction – has been referred to as “Tommy’s best yet!”
An endorsement of the highest standard- an accolade to an astounding 25 years in the industry.

25 eventful, sometimes challenging years that have earned Tommy Fleming his ultimate reward as “The biggest Show Seller” in Irish Venues.
During 2014, revelling in the success of “The West’s Awake” album and tour, Tommy also performed with a host of other artistes in a unique Inaugural venture – the brainchild of ” The Australian Performing Arts” – aboard the “MS Radiance of the Seas” cruise ship. Guesting with the queen of musical theatre – Elaine Paige, this gig certainly was memorable, once the sea sickness subsided ! The Tasmanian Post referring to his talent “From this mix of excellence in poetry, literature, humour and beautiful music comes a man with an incredibly emotive voice.”

Cruising into 2015, a host of TV appearances portrayed an image of Tommy Fleming not often seen – an interesting conversationalist, easy going with a natural charisma. Fans caught a glimpse of the “off stage” side of a worldwide successful singer, brimming with confidence and extremely comfortable in his own skin- something that can only be related to a maturity nurtured during the span of a 25 year career.

To remain successful in an industry that demands “the best” but yet can become stagnant and repetitive, Tommy Fleming’s appetite for new ventures and his ability and timing to recognise the right thing to do, has been predominant in maintaining his high profile success and when afforded the opportunity to get involved in an Irish “musical theatre” venture, he stepped willing up to the mark, not only co-writing the show but starring in the lead role.

The story – a familiar one of Irish emigration in the 60’s toured extensively in Ireland and the UK. “PADDY”- a show that saw grown men weeping in the aisle’s also witnessed the emergence of yet another of Tommy Fleming’s talents-acting.
The main challenge in this venture, apart from learning 260 pages of script, was going from “solo” where minor blips were exclusively his to repair to being a pivotal cog in a fast moving wheel that simply had to keep turning with other characters relying on him – was very different, requiring his full attention of everything going on around him.
Needless to say, he applied the same due diligence to this new role and during the 2 years that PADDY toured, Tommy gathering many well deserved rave reviews. Here are just a few of those:-

Irish Times – “Tommy Fleming leads a sentimental celebration of Ireland as home-an emigrant’s tale is a well put-together, solidly performed, nostalgic show without irony.”
Sunday Business Post **** Tommy Fleming performance described in Sunday Business Post -“Tommy’s tour de force”
Sunday Business Post -“moving, compassionate and extremely poignant”
Irish Independent – “In his first dramatic role Fleming has a charming earnestness”
Read full reviews here ………..

His diversity is a true testament to his belief in himself as he persists to challenge himself the result of which is evident in every performance.
The experience gained as an actor soon became evident in his Concerts and Tommy took “stage presence” to a whole new level early in 2016 when his annual sell out concert at the Bord Gais, was literally fitted into the set of “Chitty- Chitty Bang -Bang”. After the initial displeasure of the situation, Tommy, the band and the Orchestra went on to give one of their most electrifying performances ever proving the sheer magnificence of a true professional.
No stranger to releasing a new track – TF Productions went one further with “Be all you can be to me.”
Written by Paul Mc Donnell, Dave Molloy and Kathleen Flynn, the song greatly appealed to Tommy -so much so that he made a video to accompany its launch. Shot in freezing cold weather on location in Kilticlogher, Co Leitrim at Sean Mc Diarmada’s house and also at Belleek Woods Ballina Tommy together with a small cast brought the song to life portraying heart-breaking images of a story of hardship and courage. A raw and emotional production. https://youtu.be/GyHBS2MrixE
Late in 2016 the double album “Stories” was released, celebrating 25 years. Featuring several new songs, including “Wonderful World” a newly recorded duet with Vince Gill, the album also includes a poignant book of stories where Tommy reveals his reason for recording each song and it’s meaning to him at that time.
2017 – The suitcases were packed once more – destination USA. Taking in shows in New York, Nashville, Atlanta, Boston and Chicago the American fan base were enthralled by the powerful tones of an accomplished singer and story teller. The media were also impressed:-DPTV Media USA described Tommy’s voice “it would have to be said he is a powerful operatic bell canto tenor, capable of dynamic crescendos.” and the New York Times “The success of this concert was Tommy’s classic interpretation of The Leaving of Liverpool and The Auld Triangle-he had the audience of its feet.”
A busy end to yet another busy year that once again saw Tommy sell out his Irish and UK tour and remain high on the popularity rankings as one of Irelands most sought after live performers.”

Busy and TF Productions – go hand in hand and plans were launched early in 2018 for “Voice of Hope 11”. Following extensive discussions with Fr Peter Rabittee –the historic “Galway Cathedral” was secured as the venue for the immense production.
Once again the articulate approach to a “Live Recording” resulted in a “Sell out” concert which featured 24 songs, a full band and orchestra with special guests the “Bravo Theatre Group” and Australian singer “Mark Vincent” all adding to what was a unique 2 hour spectacular show.
A blend of traditional and contemporary songs, featuring a duet of Leonard Coen’s “Hallelujah” and a well- blended medley of favourites literally raised the roof of the infamous Galway landmark.
Album and DVD sales unsurprisingly hit the 3 million mark. Voice of Hope 11 was first broadcast on Virgin Media channels in 2018 and continues to air both in Ireland and across Australia up to the present time.
With “Voice of Hope 11” successfully completed……… it was time for another” break.”
Working with the charity “BOTHAR” Tommy and his wife Tina travelled to Rwanda late in 2018. Yet another humbling experience, Tommy related to the resilience of these people. The stark reality that just one cow allowed a grandmother, who lost her husband and 5 of her 9 children, to provide for her family was thought provoking stuff. Teenagers in the village of Rwamagana enjoyed recording a Supertramp hit “Give a Little bit” along- side Tommy.

The overall experience is one that will stay with Tommy for life and witnessing the resilience of people with so very little is something that continually relates to a man who throughout his career and life has applied that very trait.
Bishop Desmond TuTu was not wrong when he said “That voice is truly an instrument of passion.”
Early in 2019 – Voice of Hope 11 and the album “Walk the Road Together” were released in Australia, a year that saw Tommy return to the dedicated and ever growing well established fan base there. As his popularity in the southern hemisphere grew, so too did the demand for extra tour venues. Tommy was once again joined in concert by the popular Australian singer ‘Mark Vincent’ during the busy east coast tour in April 2019.

“All I Can” – a 16 track album released in the UK was described as “a comprehensive introduction to Tommy Fleming’s unique ability to fire an emotional arrow directly into the heart of those who appreciate vocal ability and defiant patriotic romance.” A varied and popular selection of Irish and contemporary tracks ranging from a “Simon and Garfunkel” favourite to a “Song for Ireland” the UK tour was an ultimate winner.

Having fulfilled the annual Irish and UK tour of concert venues Tommy wound 2019 down with an engaging, more intimate and atmospheric “Church and Cathedral” tour, bringing his wonderful repertoire of haunting melodies right into the very heartlands of the smaller communities of Ireland.

At the dawn of a new decade in typical Tommy Fleming style- the diary was block booked not only with concert dates but also with yet another interesting journey into diversity.
Closing the sold out Irish tour in traditional style at the Bord Gais Theatre in Dublin on March 1st 2020, during which he welcomed his audience with a cautious reference to no mask wearing Tommy truly pulled of the performance of a lifetime. Any notion of something sinister on the horizon was soon dispelled as the show gathered momentum and reverberated filling the theatre with the magnificence of what is Tommy Fleming Live. The Bord Gais Energy Theatre and Tommy Fleming have a unique relationship. He is generous in his admiration of its greatness. Here is an artiste who has performed on many famous stages world -wide but one who always applauds the magnificence of what Tommy will tell you is one of the finest stages he has ever performed on. It must be said that as Tommy Fleming holds the record of performing the most concerts by a solo artist ever at the Bord Gais, that the feeling between both entities is mutual.
Less than two weeks later a global pandemic was declared. That well booked diary was rejigged so many times as lockdowns and restrictions were imposed, eased and re imposed.
Given his penchant for a positive outlook and keeping busy by March 19th Tommy was back on tour in a novel “Jeep Tune” venture. Opening with “The Voyage” for what Tommy thought may be a few weeks, the journey lasted 100 days. Fans were literally invited into the jeep and travelled his local by – ways with Tommy and the family pets whilst enjoying his favourite songs- gleaned from his vast repertoire and listening intently as he challenged himself to new airs .
No Stage – no Lights – no band –no suit – no plan- but yet Tommy keeps on giving and continues to invite fans inside his jeep, his garage, his home and his life – during lockdown.
Mastering the art of using a camera and sound desk – yet another challenge, Tommy recorded many songs in the “Garage studio” Yes! of course like all performers he is missing the open road, the meet and greets, the interaction, the familiar faces but in true keeping with his “Glass half full” motto – Tommy – a man who ‘never gives up’ has devised yet another unique way to connect with his audience – “Tavern Tunes” was launched on Jan 30th 2021. Fans can now engage virtually every Saturday evening with Tommy & Tina. They can send requests, turn up the volume and enjoy a personal mini concert from the ever evolving “Voice of Ireland” from his home where they even threw in a “St Patrick’s day” special. Tommy also kept his annual date with Bord Gais Energy Theater on March 14th and viewers enjoyed a very personal and intimate show with just the maestro and his right hand man – Conal. This marked his 11th consecutive appearance at Ireland’s largest fixed seat venue.

Described as a singer whose voice has the remarkable ability of taking you into his world, Tommy is presently working on his newest album which celebrates a staggering 30 years as one of Ireland’s most successful solo artists ever “All These Years” Here is a little taste of what is to come- “Goodbye my old friend” https://youtu.be/JgOJJtsNdRY

When asked “Why bother” Tommy quips “Why not? This is my life – This – is what I do! and his eye is already twinkling with his next idea.





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