29th October 2021

All These Years

Tommy Fleming, known as “The Voice of Ireland” delivers tradition Irish airs and original material in his own gifted unique style, an element which undoubtedly has attributed to a successful “30 years” in the music industry. All These Years expresses Tommy’s 30 year career. Duets with Elaine Paige, Mirusia Louwerse and Diarmuid McGee.


1. All These Years

2. Sun Is Burning

3. Fiddlers Green

4. The Call & The Answer

5. The Unquite Grave

6. The Auld Triangle

7. Goodbye My Old Friend

8. Why Worry

9. Downtown Tonight

10. Im Watching Over You

11. Come What May

12. I dreamed A Dream

13. The Bend in The Ocean

14. The World in Union

15. Bright Blue rose

16. Jubilee

17. When You Were Sweet Sixteen

18. If You Stay

19. You Raise Me Up

20. Scorn Not His Simplicity

1. Red River Valley

2. Roll Back the Clods

3. Raglan Road

4. Isle Of innisfree

5. Restless Spirit

6. Danny Boy

7. Carrickfergus

8. Four Green fields

9. When The Lights Go Down

10. Old Clothes

11. Garden valley

12. The Wests Awake

13. Isle Of Hope Isle Of Tears

14. Be All You Can Be

15. Things We've Handed Down

16. Wonderfull World

17. Lift The Wings

18. The Parting Glass

19. Hardtimes

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