4th November 2016


25th Anniversary double CD standard case – 32 song. Included are new tracks like ‘Stories” “Be All You Can Be” ‘It Was Only Ever You’ written to coincide with the release of Kate Kerrigans new novel of the same name. Plus a very special duet with Vince Gill – ‘Wonderful World’


1. Stories

2. Be All That You Can Be

3. Wonderful World

4. It Was Only Ever You

5. The Fool That Lost It all

6. Thinking Of You

7. The West’s Awake

8. Shine On Me

9. John O’Dreams

10. The Long And Winding Road

11. Begin

12. The Night Visiting Song

13. The Welcome

14. Both Sides Now

15. Tell Me It’s Not True

16. Song For A Winter’s Night

17. Christmas 1915

18. The Town I Loved So Well

19. The Green Fields Of France

20. Mystic Lipstick

1. Scorn Not His Simplicity

2. Don’t Give Up Till It’s Over

3. Ave Maria

4. Morning Has Broken

5. Bridge Over Troubled Waters

6. If These Old Walls Could Speak

7. The Contender

8. The Highest Point

9. Restless Spirit

10. Through The Barricades

11. Land Of The Bottom Line

12. The Isle Of Inisfree

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