All I can

All I Can is best described as a comprehensive introduction to Tommy Fleming’s unique ability to fire an emotional arrow direct to the heart of those who appreciate, not only outstanding vocal ability, but also defiance and patriotic romance. Hints of flute, pipes and fiddle and the inclusion of Black Is The Colour, Song For Ireland and Carrickfergus make this record firmly Irish, however Fleming’s take on Be All You Can Be and a particularly powerful rendition of Labi Siffre’s Something Inside So Strong lift the overall affect to cross international borders.


1. Song for Ireland

2. Be All You Can Be

3. Life The Wings

4. Hard Times

5. JohnO'Dreams

6. Walk The Road Together

7. You Raise Me Up

8. Something Inside So Strong

9. The Night Visiting Song

10. Tell Me It's Not True

11. The Rose Of Allendale

12. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her

13. The Green Fields Of France

14. Black Is The Colour

15. Carrickfergus

16. Song For A Winter's Night

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