26th October 2018

Voice of Hope II

VOICE OF HOPE II was recorded live at Galway Cathedral in September 2018 Featuring 24 songs with full band, orchestra and choir Inspirational, spiritual songs of hope Also released on DVD – 2 hours of a very special musical experience Available on web-shop in CD & DVD formats or to download the CD


1. Tommy Flemings Overture

2. From a Distance

3. The Contender

4. How Great Thou Art

5. The Welcome

6. World in Union

7. The Wests Awake

8. Remember Me

9. Hallelujah

10. This is the Moment

11. John O Dreams

12. Be All You Can Be

13. Danny Boy

14. Restless Spirit

15. Medley

16. Christmas 1915

17. Bring Him Home

18. Climb Every Mountain

19. Amazing Grace

20. Roll Back the Clouds

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